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Mobile Massage Clinic

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 I have Booked a Massage - What Now ? 

It is always helpful, when approaching a situation that is new and strange to you, to have some idea of what to expect.


Once the therapist has set up the massage table we will discuss your health and your treatment goals. A client history and massage consent form is then filled out and your medical history will be discussed, so as to avoid any contra-indications (reasons we should not proceed with your massage). In some circumstances you may wish to discuss having a massage with your Doctor or primary health carer before making your appointment.


During the massage, you are covered at all times by towels/sheets, which are moved around to expose only the area that is being treated.


Please let your your therapist know if you feel uncomfortable about any aspect of your massage,   after all - it is your massage and your comfort is important to us.


If you have questions that are not answered here, please telephone or email your question.