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Mobile Massage Clinic

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1 Hour Massage $80
1.5 Hour Massage $100
Cellulite Treatment Massage 1.5 Hours $125
*** Ask about our Seniors and Pensioner discount ***
Types of Massage

Relaxation Massage

This massage is delivered using lighter pressure and slower speeds to soothe and relieve tension. The treatment will boost circulation, encourage relaxation and reduce pain, leaving you feeling less stressed and refreshed. This is a great choice for shift workers and busy Mums.


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses a firm pressure to address the deeper tissues of the body. It may be directed towards specific problem areas (such as low back pain or shoulder tension) or offered as a whole body treatment, to release deep seated tension and tightness. (Appropriate depth of pressure is always based on client feedback.) If you have overdone it in the garden or on the sports field, a deep tissue massage can help relieve those sore spots.


Remedial Massage

A range of treatment techniques (including massage, facilitated stretching, muscle energy technique and trigger point therapy) are used to treat dysfunctions within the body that lead to pain or reduced range of movement (such as overuse syndromes, RSI, TMJ, migraines & headaches, sciatic pain). Assessment and re-assessment are required pre and post treatment, to gauge its effectiveness. Finally a management plan, including ergonomic recommendations and stretching, may be advised. The gold standard of massage for when your body needs a tune up!


Sports Massage

A sports, training, or event specific massage which will assist at every stage of your fitness program. Pre-event massage stimulates circulation and helps to warm and stretch muscles; reducing the risk of injury. Post-event massage encourages local muscular blood flow, which aids in the removal of toxins known to cause muscle soreness following training (DOMS). It also reduces stiffness and speeds recovery time. General sports maintenance massage ensures that the mobility and flexibility of muscles, tendons and joints are optimised. 


Cellulite Treatment Massage

A treatment specific massage which provides an effective way to improve overall skin fitness.
In the first part of your treatment, a specially designed hand-held cellulite treatment module is used to gently lift and roll the skin, stimulating the venous and lymphatic systems.
Next we tailor a full body massage treatment to stimulate the body's collagen and elastin production, generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone. The treatment also smooths the surface of the skin by softening the connective tissue, that anchors the skin, causing the dimples of cellulite.
By the time the treatment is compete, you will feel relaxed and thoroughly pampered.